Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013, a day of multiple activities

As you can well imagine, much of the commentary at Le Salon Beige has turned to Benedict XVI who has resigned to the great surprise and even shock of Catholics throughout the world. However, LSB and its readers have a multiplicity of events to deal with at this time.

Unfortunately, so do I. I must leave the computer soon, so here is a quick summary:

First, Taubira's law passed on the first reading.

Second, the Femen are back, this time demonstrating at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris to celebrate the departure of the Pope.

Third, a demonstration by opponents of the law was banned by the Paris prefecture.

Here is one item from Le Figaro:

Eight feminists from the Femen group bared their breasts inside Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris to "celebrate the departure of the Pope" Benedict XVI.

They entered with the stream of tourists wearing long coats that they removed near the three new bells temporarily placed in the nave. They tapped on the bells with pieces of wood, shouted "Pope no more". On their torsos and backs, they had scribbled in paint "No homophobia", "Crisis of faith", "Bye bye, Benedict!"

Visitors in the cathedral expressed concern. "This is a sacred place, you must not undress here," said a French tourist.

They were forcefully removed by the security services of the cathedral and remained on the square outside ten minutes chanting "In gay we trust," and "Homophobics get out!"


LSB readers:

- Who will have the courage to lock up the Femen?

- Hello, Manuel, is anybody there to apply the law? Oh, but it's true: Notre-Dame de Paris is not a mosque under construction.

Note: A reference to Interior Minister Manuel Valls and the Poitiers mosque.

- Shouldn't these women be honorary citizens of Paris?

- At some point somebody should punch them in the nose. These prostitutes want to be treated like men. OK. The next time they start their nonsense, decent people should smash their faces and we'll see if that gives them pause for thought. Otherwise, put them in jail.

- Our new bells struck by old dingbats!

Note: The word for "bell" and the word for "looney" are the same: "cloche".

Click here for a video. I hope it's still there, because some photos have already been removed.

As I post, I see that they are close to 700,000 signatures on the petition to stop the law. LSB wants one million. Somewhere I read that the archbishop of Paris did not voice a protest against the Femen, but I need verification of that. I also see a rally for tonight at the National Assembly. This event has probably already happened. More later.

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At February 13, 2013 12:55 PM, Blogger zazie said...

My idea about the femen (no capital letter for them, please) : when they are naked, steal their clothes, take them to the gates of the place they have defiled, chain them to those gates, and leave them to enjoy the reaction of the passers-by .
This might teach them the meaning of "clouer quelqu'un au pilori", which is just what they deserve.
PS : sorry, Tiberge, I am just too angry, and too lazy, to look for the English version of this phrase!


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