Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Finally! An explanation, but is it a good one?

Why did so many "patriots" and opponents of the gay marriage law not vote against Article 1 that was passed on February 2? An intrepid reader of Le Salon Beige sent a letter to absentee deputy Marion Maréchal Le Pen asking for an explanation. Deputy Le Pen's assistant replied:

As you know, the partisans of "marriage for everybody" belong to the left and in part to the Establishment right. They are the majority in the National Assembly thanks to a voting method that is particularly anti-democratic towards our national movement. It is therefore futile to cast a ballot that would have no effect on the outcome of the parliamentary debate.

However, we introduced six amendments and co-signed six others, introduced by other deputies.

Moreover, her participation in the demonstrations of January 13 (in Paris) and February 2 in Avignon, that were expressions of popular disapproval and that our elected officials ought to support, and her call to citizens to take the case to the Ethics Council (CESE) via a petition that would delay the passing of the bill, and even perhaps force the government to abandon the plan, are much more useful actions against the government than a vote which is, in the end, purely symbolic.

The fight against this bill must be active and permanent and not symbolic. The Manif pour Tous had organized the regional rallies the same day as the vote in the Assembly. We preferred action to passive resignation.

Note: The explanation has some merit. Her vote and the votes of seven or so other patriots would not have changed anything. But what about the numerous members of the UMP who did not vote? Their absence must mean they consent to the bill.

Le Salon Beige readers, on the whole, disapprove of her reasoning and rip into her:

- So it would be futile to cast a ballot for the Front National in the next election?

- Not at all convincing. What naïveté! She can give me her seat as deputy and take mine in the demonstration!

- If I follow Marion Maréchal Le Pen's reasoning correctly… every time the Front National is not sure of winning it is useless to go to the polls? Madame Maréchal Le Pen, you are paid (and very well) to vote for or against the laws that affect the future of France. It's vital! If you don't want to do it, resign.

- The rallies in the street, we can handle them. But a ballot in the National Assembly, only you can cast it for us, Madame Deputy! No ballot is useless in this fight!

- Upsetting. When you think that all those in favor of the bill didn't vote either, and that the Article did not pass by an absolute majority, this explanation is inadmissible.

However, a few readers reproach the critics of deputy Le Pen, and accept her explanation as sound. And they say the Assembly will be full on February 12, the day of the final vote. Let's hope so.

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At February 05, 2013 2:11 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Well, there is some truth about the timing, but was everyone else at a local rally too?

In any case, here is a clash between UMP deputies and Taubira yesterday in the Assembly, for those who can't enough of her charm and her soothing voice:



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