Monday, February 04, 2013

Furor in the National Assembly

If I tried to collate the Atlantis-sized mass of material from Le Salon Beige on the goings-on in the National Assembly, I would find myself swallowed up in a perpetually churning quagmire with no bottom, and no air pocket. Alligators, crocodiles, sharks, and prehistoric reptilia would seize my thorax choking off oxygen, until the final coup de grâce by a flesh-eating monster, aided by cohorts of multi-resistant bacteria.

A bit of an exaggeration, but it gives you an insight into my mood and lets you know that there is more information than one poor mind can handle. Especially at 6:00 a.m. with no sleep (yet).

Here is one article entitled "PMA: furor and confusion in the National Assembly". PMA refers to medically assisted procreation, an automatic amendment to Taubira's bill, despite her earlier (and mendacious) insistence that the PMA would not be a part of the new law:

While debating goes on in the National Assembly this Sunday (February 3) on the Taubira bill, an announcement from Matignon has created a disturbance. (Note: Matignon is the residence of the prime minister.) By postponing a potential law on PMA, the prime minister is starting to back off (it may be tactical, strategic, or definitive, it does not matter for now) and sowing the seeds of confusion, while at the same time Dominique Bertinotti, minister of the Family, and Erwann Binet, rapporteur of the bill, announced that the PMA would be part of the next family law to be debated in March and voted on in June. It is a political retraction.

Note: If the deputies are confused, imagine how I feel. The PMA is actually an amendment to the Taubira bill, and it is now on the back-burner, if not a dead issue. But Dominique Bertinotti, minister of the Family, insists that PMA will be debated and voted on before the end of 2013, as part of the latest law on the family. 

If the PMA is on hold, an amendment allowing mayors and their adjuncts the freedom to refuse to marry homosexual couples was defeated. Remember François Hollande had promised "freedom of conscience" to all mayors. Another one bites the dust.

One amendment that was adopted by the Assembly had been introduced by the Socialists. It guarantees marriage to couples living abroad in countries where homosexual marriage is banned, provided one of the partners is a French national.

If you read French and would like to feel less confused, this article from Yahoo may help. You can also read an article from Les Inrocks that calls Christiane Taubira an icon, and reveals that a giant bouquet of roses will be sent to her for Valentine's Day, paid for by a "crowd funding" effort.

Back to Le Salon Beige:

Not only did the right-wing opposition rush into the breach to prove that the government governs by sight reading, with no preparation, no concerted effort, but the extreme left (Greens and Communists), that favors the inclusion into Taubira's law of the PMA, was furious. The Socialist deputies who apparently were not warned about the change of plan, were stunned. A certain confusion reigns in the amphitheater. Bruno le Roux, leader of the Socialist deputies, seems to have lost control of himself and is threatening the government. He had given up the idea of introducing an amendment on the PMA when he received a promise that it would be adopted in March.

Note: Apparently le Roux had his own version of a PMA amendment that he shelved, thinking it wasn't necessary.

The prime minister is in Cambodia. (It's curious how they manage to be in some exotic land when things heat up.) Nobody in the Assembly is capable of knowing the exact position of the government on the PMA. Sessions continue to be suspended. The left is looking for the right language. For having tried to go too fast, the Socialist Party caught its feet in the pedals.

Note: In French slang "pédale" means "gay".

Le Salon Beige readers feel the government has made a fool of itself, has proven itself incompetent and amateurish, and that the anti-gay marriage movement must continue full speed ahead.

Above, Christian Taubira speaking in the National Assembly January 29. Below, me.

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At February 04, 2013 4:24 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Get some sleep, Tiberge! It is all too much to grasp at one time, which is probably part of the plan. I'm still trying to find out why Marion, Collard, Bompard, Besse and even NDA did not vote!

At February 04, 2013 5:17 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ dauphin,

It briefly flashed through my mind that they didn't vote (by common agreement) because they know the bill will be withdrawn, since Hollande realizes now his future may depend on a defeat for the Taubira law.

But then I thought that was too optimistic. After all, they have passed Article 1 and a couple of amendments already.

It is indeed very odd that the patriots did not vote. There must be some reason. Maybe they feel the bill is illegal to begin with and you cannot vote on an illegal bill???

I don't understand the procedure. In order for the bill to be passed do all 20 articles have to be passed, or can they pass (or defeat) the articles separately? Article 1 grants the right to marry to homosexual couples, so right there, that is enough to say that Taubira's wishes have been fulfilled.

Can the bill still be scratched? Can Article 1 still go down in defeat even though it has passed?

I tried to find some answers last night, but was too tired.

At February 04, 2013 5:56 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

@ tiberge

Please do get some rest. Well, I still don't know why they did not vote, especially since Marion, Collard and Bompard took the trouble to co-sign amendments!

They are voting on each article separately. Anyway, the fight is not over, yet. Too bad that mayors now will not be able to opt out over conscience.

As to the photo of Taubira, she looks like an ugly, giant toad from that nightmare quagmire, ready to devour France. Her hatred of white, Christian France seems to have no bounds, and the normalization of homosexuality will probably help reduce French family size even further over time, more than African and Arab, so that their eventual takeover will be assured.

At February 04, 2013 10:31 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ dauphin,

Thank you for your encouragement. I still can't help feeling there has to be a rational reason why they did not vote. Because all five (six, counting NDA) copped out. Possibly they were under orders? But from whom? And what good did it do?

I shall be retiring early tonight. Or so I think...

At February 05, 2013 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You two are much more informed than I.So thanks for helping me to slog through. Take care.

At February 05, 2013 4:12 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous 12:21 a.m.

Thank you. I'll be posting Marion Maréchal Le Pen's explanation tomorrow. She says it was useless to vote because the Article was sure to be passed anyway. The majority in the Assembly is left or false-right. In other words, if you know you're going to lose, don't bother voting. Most of Le Salon Beige readers are outraged at her reasoning. A few agree with her. The BIG vote on the entire bill is coming up on February 12.


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