Friday, February 01, 2013

No more race. What happens to racism?

From Le Salon Beige:

"He made a promise. He will keep it."

This propaganda slogan from the Socialist president is violently imposed each day, even if the facts contradict it: he promised marriage for everyone. Except himself.

He had also promised that the word "race" would be removed from the Constitution, hoping in this way to suppress the expression of a reality, since he cannot eradicate the reality itself that is the goal of "métissage" (miscegenation), so dear to the hearts of Socialists. But even if he can eradicate the word, the reality of race exists. This ideological promise is scheduled to be kept this summer.

No more father or mother in the civil code, no more race in the civil code: the renunciation of nature goes on.

Readers react:

- The revolt of the creature against his Creator. It's an eschatological combat.

- The Socialists do not exist. François Hollande does not exist. Let's ignore their reality. They do not exist. They are against nature. How long will we be without a real government? For how long can we accept not having an organization that is concerned about the common good, the material good and the spiritual good of the French?

We want the best to govern us, we want security on our territory and borders, we want justice and we want to be free to control the rest ourselves.

- Good news. North Africans and blacks won't be able to complain about racist acts, since they'll be "like everyone else."

- And the suppression of SOS-Racism? On with it!

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At February 02, 2013 4:08 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

This has been the ultimate game of the Republic since its inception. There is no French people, there are only "citizens", and one people can therefore be replaced with another. Those who believed that the French Republic was a republic of the French people did not understand what being a republic really meant; it had in it the seeds of destruction of the French nation, which village idiot Hollande is now presiding over. He is only adding the final touches with this politically-correct nonsense.


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