Sunday, February 10, 2013

Now, for the final vote...

The debates came to an end this morning (February 9) and Taubira's bill will be voted on Tuesday morning: the way is now open for the Socialist majority and the friends of the culture of death.

The above statement is from Le Salon Beige, where readers continue to speculate on what to do if the law is passed, which it surely will be:

- As I was watching the Senate hearings, I learned that in Article 5.4.3 of the Socialist Party statutes, it says: "In all circumstances, they (the members of the the Party) must respect the rule of unity when voting. In case of any violation of this rule, the National Committee can make use of the measures provided in Article 4.3.2."

Article 4.3.2 refers back to Article that can mete out punishment such as exclusion from the Party!

The moral? Freedom of conscience does not exist. We are indeed in a Communist country!

- What is going to happen Tuesday morning since all the articles have already been approved in the National Assembly? Will every deputy be able to cast a different vote from those he cast on the separate articles?

Note: Good question. What if a deputy voted for an Article, but does not like the bill as a whole?

- At any rate we must write to our deputies, and say in substance: If you do not vote against this law Tuesday morning, and even if you abstain, we will never again vote for you.

- Let us pray. Lord, let your grace fill our souls…

However, a petition has been drawn up and will be presented to the Ethics Council (CESE). This Council requires 500,000 signatories, 400,000 have already signed. According to the blog of Catholic writer Jeanne Smits, the petition can be printed out and signed by going to the website of la Manif pour Tous. It should be sent to: La Manif pour Tous, 15, rue Pottier 78150 Le Chesnay.

Frenchmen abroad can sign the petition - they must contact someone they know in France for help in sending it. Foreigners legally residing in France (with a residency card) can also sign. Only adults can sign. E-mail is not permitted.

Those who sign the petition will meet with the Ethics Council on Friday February 15 at 9:00 a.m. Even if the bill is passed, it has to receive the approval of this Council, since there is now a petition, drawn up in due form, opposing it.

Below, counting and checking the petitions. From LSB.

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