Friday, February 22, 2013

Petition rejected already?

Note: Some information has been slightly modified. See update below.

The opponents of the law legalizing homosexual marriage and adoption have been pinning their hopes on the Ethics Council (CESE) to examine the new law and to issue an opinion. In order to do this, they have gathered about 700,000 signatures on a petition that the Council is supposed to consider on February 26. But according to Yves Daoudal, the verdict may be in before the trial is held:

The president of the Ethics Council declared that the council will reject the petition against the marriage law because "the petition requests the CESE to rule for or against the law. Constitutionally, this is impossible. Therefore, in its substance, it is invalid."

I don't know if there were several petitions. At any rate, the one I signed absolutely did not request the CESE to come out against the law (I wouldn't have signed it, since it was in fact invalid); it asked the CESE to give its opinion. Period. And this is precisely the purpose of a citizens' petition.

I'm flabbergasted. I thought that the CESE was a bit further removed from political bad faith.

One comment:

- For multiple reasons that would take too long to elucidate, Delevoye disdains democracy, the Constitution and France. The rule of law in France must be reestablished.

Note: Jean-Paul Delevoye is president of the CESE.

The CESE actually stands for Economic, Social and Environmental Council. The Council may be asked to give an opinion on ethical issues. I have used the term Ethics Council as a convenient shortcut. 

Update: February 23 - The Council dates from 1925. First it was the National Economic Council, then the Economic Council, then the Economic and Social Council. "Environmental" was added in 2008. The "citizens' petition" dates from 2010. Note: This information was provided by Yves Daoudal. 

For those who know French, there is a 50-minute video here of Delevoye declaring the petition will be rejected. I have not viewed the video.

This is indeed bad news for the opponents of the law. If Delevoye is lying and the petition is valid, will he not suffer some penalty? And if there were several different petitions with different texts, which seems highly improbable, someone would have caught the error.

Until we have more news it sounds like a prearranged decision, no doubt at the behest of the government, to simply ignore the petition.

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At February 22, 2013 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not surprised. This French government is doing everything to muzzle the opposition. The PS is facist.


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