Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Record crimes for January

A record 742 crimes for the month of January 2013! Fait divers, a website that tracks crime in France on a daily basis, using only the national and regional press as sources (which means this may only be the tip of the iceberg), reports:

A new record! Seven hundred and forty-two crimes for this month! Never, since the beginning of this blog, have I found so many crimes! This country is given over to barbarians… Take three days at random and read them carefully… Welcome to France in the hands of savages, crooks and other mentally debilitated… For those who rule on high, these people are our good fortune. We're really lucky, aren't we?

Note: A reference to the idea propagated by the French government years ago that immigrants are a "chance pour la France" (luck for France).

The crimes break down as follows: 67 break-ins, 169 acts of violence, 55 deaths, 49 cases of arson, 40 rapes, 49 cases of fraud, 47 drug-related crimes, 82 attempted murders, 184 robberies and miscellaneous.

Click the link above to see all of them with the source article. Sorry, no translation possible.



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