Friday, February 01, 2013

Socialists who will vote no

The debate on the bill to legalize gay marriage, adoption and medically assisted procreation, including surrogate motherhood, is in full swing in the National Assembly. If numbers mean anything, the bill will pass because the Socialists and other leftists are the majority. However, some Socialist deputies say they are submerged in letters, e-mails, messages and calls from the people urging them to vote no, or thanking them for opposing the bill.

According to Le Salon Beige, deputy Jean-Jacques Urvoas revealed:

"I truly believe that, since 2007 (the year he was elected), I have not received so much spontaneous mail on any other legislative issue."

And Socialist deputy Jérôme Lambert responded to a reader who congratulated him for his intention to vote no:

"Thank you! I'll say no more. I've received more than five hundred messages today!! But I don't feel I am being courageous when I defend my convictions!! I am simply true to myself."

Deputy Lambert explained eloquently why he cannot vote for the law. La Croix reported his words on January 29:

- Aren't you defending the values of the right rather than the left?

- On the contrary! At the present time, there is in the world a general tendency towards deregulation: in the economic and social realm, of course, but also in personal relationships. A rule is seen as an obstacle and the individual desire is becoming all-powerful.

That is precisely why it seems to me that that left must take care to protect the weak, by preserving the fundamental rules of society. Filiation based on the mother-father relationship is one. For we cannot consider as equals children who have a father and a mother and children who only have a mother, or two mothers or two fathers.

- Do any of your Socialist colleagues share your views?

- Yes, even though they feel somewhat uncomfortable in the opposition. I think, nonetheless, that some will vote against the bill. At any rate, I personally will vote against the reform, in my soul and my conscience, if no amendment is introduced to counteract the double filiation from same-sex parents.

Note: Another example of a Socialist politician whose basic instincts are traditionalist, rather than destructive. It is very reassuring that there are such people in France. Deputy Lambert is, at least on this issue, facing reality and placing the good of the child, the family and the people ahead of the demands of a tenacious and arrogant minority.

The photo shows Jérôme Lambert on the right, with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

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At February 01, 2013 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I walked into t.v. room. a promo for a program airing Sat. 2/2(tomorrow) on my PBS station. The Revisionaires. Woman at computer saying we are omitting words.Right now 'women' and 'minorities'. I'll be watching.

At February 02, 2013 1:09 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous 7:48

I posted the comment, but must admit I have no idea what it's about. Could you clarify?


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