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April 16, 2013, Versailles

On April 16, there was an impressive demonstration at Versailles in anticipation of the review of Taubira's law scheduled for the 17th at the National Assembly. Remember, the bill was passed by the Assembly, then went to the Senate, where it barely passed by two votes, in a show of hands. This method of voting on major piece of legislation has infuriated many who say that Hollande took advantage of the great number of absentees, and the fact that he did not have a majority in the Senate, to push the bill through as quickly as possible, using an unorthodox and possibly unconstitutional method. Now the bill returns for one more review by the Assembly on April 17.

All over France, but especially in Paris and nearby, there are massive demonstrations. I have heard that some politicians are saying that Hollande has lost control of the country. I have also heard that tear gas has been used frequently in the subways of Paris and other cities. I will try to have more specifics later. Below, some scenes from Tuesday night's vigil at Versailles:

Below, crowds fill the streets of Versailles.

Below, a stirring photo, more like a painting:

Below, the statue of Louis XIV. No doubt the Sun King is proud of his people tonight.

Click here for more photos.

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At April 18, 2013 12:07 PM, Blogger lara77 said...

I must be from another planet but GAY MARRIAGE is getting the French this excited?? Seriously?? Unchecked immigration,killing live animals in the streets,police afraid to enter Arab housing complexes,etc. Yet THIS ISSUE gets a nation into rebellion?? New Zealand just passed gay marriage and even polls in America have gay marriage accepted by most Americans but the French are in a tizzy?? No wonder they are on their FIFTH republic; who could govern such unruly mobs. Poor King Louis XVI! You were too good for the nation you ruled; rest in peace.

At April 18, 2013 2:21 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lara77,

I don't entirely disagree with you this time. There ARE other issues of equal importance. The traditional Catholics (whom you probably don't care much for) insist that this law IS of major importance for the government and that it had to push it through almost by force. By breaking the traditional family, Hollande will have done away with the one strong remaining institution from Antiquity, the one institution that guarantees some level of nationalistic feeling, religious beliefs and independent thinking. It also guarantees the continuation of the species within a religious and moral framework. Hollande would like to put one more nail - the final one perhaps - into the coffin of the family.

I do not regard the other countries you mentioned as being more advanced than France. I regard France (for once!) as being more advanced because she recognizes the need to maintain a vital connection to tradition. AND, the French don't like a government who deliberately and consistently ignores their wishes, while at the same time proving itself to be incompetent and corrupt.

However, your remark about the King, is once again off the mark. The French Monarchy would not have approved of gay marriage. It would have been considered such a notion as against God and against Nature. So, Louis XVI was perhaps too good for his left-wing subjects. But he would be proud of the Catholic population today, I believe.

At April 18, 2013 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socialists in Europe, have always considered the family, particularly the Christian family, as the main threat to its survival. The lesson of the eighties - the Church, along with Reagan and Thatcher, destroyed the underpinnings of socialism in the East. That lesson has been well learned by the present bunch of socialists.

The strategy now is to destroy the Christianity and the family via "gay marriage", and allowing large scale immigration of Muslims into Europe.

Both initiatives come from Brussels.


At April 19, 2013 7:24 PM, Blogger lara77 said...

Great Britain is the greatest monarchy of the western world; her governmental institutions are without peer in their longevity and stability; the French Republic by comparison is a banana republic! Great Britain has an official church, The Anglican Church while France is a godless republic. YET.....Great Britain has no issues with gay marriage or adoption, even Spain , the realm of His Most Catholic Majesty settled gay marriage. Yet the godless republic that splashes LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE(defacing) the entrances of some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe HAS A PROBLEM WITH GAY PEOPLE??? No wonder so many Americans view the French with simple astonishment. They are hypocrites, they are two faced and they are selective in their so called morality. The so called French Catholics who go to Church how often???.....NOW are aghast at gay adoption. The older I get I have realized that I have admired the wrong nation all these years.It is Great Britain that lives her name and it is France that truly is the whore republic.

At April 19, 2013 7:34 PM, Blogger lara77 said...

Hey anonymous, if I remember it was in 1974 under the haughty conservative Giscard D'Estaing that large scale immigration began from France's Arab and African colonies. It continued under Mitterand, Chirac, Sarkozy and Hollande. So NOW the Catholics in France are aghast at "Socialist" policies of mass Muslim immigration??? Is this not La Republique Francaise??? Where a black man from Martinique,a Muslim woman from Algeria and a descendant of the Royal Orleans Family are all equal??? Mais Oui!! Why such cries of alarms??? On the 14th of July does not everyone in France lock arms and sing the Le Marseillaise?? We are ALL EQUAL!! Can you imagine the shock of those "humanitarians"Danton and Robespierre to see how Gay French People are being treated?? Dear God,their headless bodies would turn in their graves!!

At April 19, 2013 9:35 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lara77

I do not have time to argue at length.

The late Lawrence Auster posted countless articles on the death of traditional England. He referred to England as the "Dead Isle". Here are just a few of his posts with input from his readers, some of them British:

When you consider that Enoch Powell, in 1968, warned against massive non-European immigration, you realize that the danger was real. Powell was ostracized. His fears have materialized today, even if the number of Muslims is less than in France:

You know well the support given to Muslims by Prince Charles.

You know well that the Queen took off her shoes and put on socks when she went to a mosque in England.

You know well that the recent London Olympics were multi-culti oriented.

You can easily infer that even if the government passed the gay marriage law, that does not mean that there was no opposition. Only that the opposition did not have enough clout. And that if the British had done what the French are doing Cameron would have had a much harder time. This article from the Independent shows the violence of the debate. It is clear that many voted yes simply to put an end to threats. (Note: I do not agree with threats, but this article proves that the British DID have a problem with the law, and that it was shoved down the people's throats.)

As for the Anglican church, it is hardly traditional to have African bongo drums at the investiture of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

Crimes in Britain, gang rapes are reported with regularity by the Daily Mail.

If the situation is worse in France, it is one of degree, not nature. Both countries have the same problems. If Britain did not have problems there would be no need for Nigel Farage or for the BNP.

You are still cherry-picking your positions, traditionalist one day when you hate the Republic, then pro-gay the next day when you hate the traditionalists. If you would just admit that you are FOR gay marriage, but against everything else the Republic does, that would at least make sense.

If you need a country to admire, I do not recommend France. France is complicated. France has been highjacked by the Left since 1789. It was easy to hate the Republic and mourn the Monarchy, as you did in many comments. However, it turns out that you are FOR gay marriage and adoption, a totally Republican, anti-Catholic measure. And we see that the traditionalist Catholics are not dead, are not giving in. So, once you decide which camp you're in, then you can decide which country you admire. I suggest you stick with Britain, until the day comes when they too rise up against their liberal oppressors.

At April 20, 2013 9:39 AM, Blogger lara77 said...

YOU come from the premise as a Catholic that being gay is a lifestyle choice; IT IS NOT. As long as you believe that conversation is a waste of time. The young people in America are pro gay marriage and the laws are changing. Nation after nation will pass gay marriage and the Catholics will become the minority; look at America! The French are blind to the real threats facing them and create enemies where there are none. One can be a traditionalist in admiring monarchy and its ancient institutions AND still believe that sexuality is not a choice. I have the majority of doctors and scientists on my side. You can have the Catholic Church on your side. Gay people adopt children that no one wants; just listen to the children of gay parents who love their parents and what they have given them. The truth will win and maybe one day the French will realize the lies of their revolution as well realize the lies of the Vatican propaganda machine. I understand everyone has different beliefs; I have mine and am so proud of them.

At April 20, 2013 3:20 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lara77,

I am not Catholic. I'm of the Eastern branch of Christianity. The views are similar. However, it is not only a religious point of view. I do not believe in giving every small vociferous group, especially ones that are patently opposed to the basic traditions and foundations of the country in which they live, special privileges. To grant homosexuals the right to marry and adopt is a an unforgivable act of betrayal on the part of the governments that do this. A government must protect its traditions. But I remind you that this "tradition" is more than just a pattern of behavior. It precedes everything. It is basic to human life and human happiness. The family is sacred. Always has been and always will be no matter what the government or some self-infatuated intellectuals say.

There is no reason why gays cannot be content with a civil union, which they have in France and which grants them all the rights of married people, except of course adoption. This is more about adoption than marriage. I don't know what your "scientific" sources are, and I don't care because most such studies are rigged (and this can work both ways). This is about basic decency to children and the sacred nature of marriage.

Now, if there are children nobody wants, that is a serious problem. And whose fault is it? Primarily women. It is up to the woman to protect her body from unwanted pregnancies. It is up to the woman to provide a father for her children. It is up to the woman to care for her children. The behavior of women is very much at the core of the issue. If women took their responsibilities, we would not have so many unwanted children. Doing away with orphanages was not a good idea. When we had orphanages we also had certain basic ground rules: there had to be a family, a mother and a father willing to take on the task of raising the child. While some homosexuals may be able to raise children, it is unconscionable for people not to consider the effect on the child later in life of having two fathers, or two mothers. Furthermore, homosexuals often only socialize with other homosexuals, cutting the child even further off from a normal life. An orphanage is unpleasant, yes, but being surrounded by homosexuals is worse. It is not just a question of feeding and clothing a child: it is about the child's emotional stability later in life and the child's identity.

Homosexuality may or may not be a choice. There is no definite answer. But one thing is absolutely sure: we must NOT promote it. By allowing gay marriage and adoption we are committing an unprecedented violation of natural law. We must not legitimize acts that are perversions, even if they are not a choice. Young people, who might otherwise have been heterosexual, often fall into traps when they are young. They get lured into relationships and their fate is sealed. It is horrible for anyone to want to legitimize such behavior. It happens, we know, we have always known that homosexuality exists. I would not take any kind of punitive measure against someone who is gay. Nor would I risk destroying a child's life or the inherent rights of a civilized society just to please a tiny group of people who

At any rate France will probably pass the law, against the will of the people. Then come the laws on incest, pedophilia and beastiality. And what will you say to those new progressive ideas? WIll you say that opponents of those practices are "hypocrites"?

Remember, ten or fifteen years ago no one ever heard of gay marriage, just as, in the 70's, no one had ever heard the terms "partial-birth abortion" or "cloning". But these horrors are reality. Once the government has its way, and redefines the nature of marriage, then there will be no stopping the moral carnage it will commit in the name of progress.

UNLESS, the good people of France put a stop to it.

At April 20, 2013 3:55 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lara77

A few final thoughts:

I hope you realize that you are squarely on the side of Christiane Taubira, a woman who hates traditional France, who hates whites, and who has shamelessly covered up the crimes committed against blacks by Muslims. Ideology certainly makes strange bed-fellows.

You said:

Can you imagine the shock of those "humanitarians"Danton and Robespierre to see how Gay French People are being treated?? Dear God,their headless bodies would turn in their graves!!

How are "Gay French People" being treated??? They have more rights than girls who are gang-raped by Muslims!

You are making a wild extrapolation. Those revolutionaries are the men who set the stage for the gradual dismantling of traditional France, hence traditional white Europe, hence white Christian civilization in general.

However, in their day, homosexual marriage was not an issue. I don't know what they would have done, but I suspect they would have been so shocked at the idea that they would have been speechless.

You misunderstand the notion of equality. You take it as an absolute, valid in all situations, for all people. That is a very immature way of regarding the notion of equality. We are all equal in our humanity; but we are not, cannot be, equal in our actions. Some actions have to be condemned; some actions have to be tolerated but not encouraged. Homosexuality is an example. A killer is not equal to an innocent person. A terrorist is not equal to the people whose legs he blew off. A homosexual, in his/her emotional make-up is not equal to a heterosexual. We make distinctions. We make these distinctions for the greater good of humanity, AND in order to preserve the notion of equality in its true sense: we are all human, BUT we are also open to scrutiny. And our acts are judged by our peers, our judges, our priests, etc... We cannot escape judgment of some sort.

I do not condemn gays for being gay, but I do condemn the governments who cave in to their strident demands, the same way they cave in to the demands of hostile minorities, violent immigrants and hate-filled feminists. The Western world has fallen into the hands of these violent groups. Gays have simply added their name to the roll. And governments, eager to destroy white, Christian, European, family-oriented civilization are only to happy to grant these groups their desires. Thus, the government fulfills its mission of population replacement, amnesia of the past, and normal sexuality. It destroys the only chance people have for happiness: a home, a country, an identity.

It is for all these reasons that I stand with the Catholics on this issue. I do not feel any animosity toward gays, but some of the practices gay men indulge in should NOT be seen by children. Children should be nowhere near such horrors.

At April 20, 2013 4:12 PM, Blogger tiberge said...


In my first comment above, the one timed at 3:20 p.m., in the fourth paragraph from the end, the sentence was left uncompleted. It should read:

Nor would I risk destroying a child's life or the inherent rights of a civilized society just to please a tiny group of people whose sexual lives set them apart from most of humanity. The sweeping re-definition of marriage, on behalf of a small group is a totalitarian decision.

At April 22, 2013 11:21 AM, Blogger lara77 said...

Well of course, there will never be a meeting of minds; you believe gay people are distorted, immoral and God forbid they promote their way of life!You speak of "family" and I have to laugh at that! One in two marriages in the United States end in divorce; I guess heterosexual marriage vows are not so sacrosanct! Marriage is a civil issue; religions should have no say in the matter. No one forces Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Mormons, Muslims and others to marry gay people!! Gay people know there are Protestant faiths that welcome the love and commitment of two people. NO religion, no faith has the right to impose their beliefs on the rest of society. I hope the law passes in France; I am amazed at an issue that gets the French off their asses to protest!The crowd that treasures the family and traditional society was certainly absent a number of years ago when thousands of elderly French died in that horrendous Paris heat wave. Where were their children?? Don't talk to me about the phony concerns of the French People. Their actions over the decades speak louder than there cheap hand held signs. I will email no longer about the gay issue; I realize people have different views. I hope this law passes as more states in our country change the homophobic unintelligent laws of a bigoted majority.


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